This setting has a thousand stories, a microcosm of actions where we all matter...

Dear Eosians,


Every year we check the status of our speartips (main priorities) from last year. We check to see if we need to keep them, or if they deserve a place above our fireplace. Last year the speartips were:


  • RFID
  • Frontier Phase Three
  • Streamlining


RFID: Last year I said that we can see the future looking bright for this speartip. The bridge between the “IT reality” and our reality has been fully spanned with the pilot of Tenacity this year. It performed above and beyond expectations and we learned way more than we expected to learn. We didn’t just learn about RFID and how to bridge the gap between the IT reality and our reality: The depth of our understanding of Bounce has deepened to previously unimaginable levels. We have so much more to learn, so much more to do, so much more awesomeness to bring to you guys, this speartip ain’t going anywhere!


Frontier Phase Three: Last year we have made incredible progress with Frontier phase three. I am very proud of the way we handled the move from De Winner to De Brink. At F12 things really seemed to click with the new location. In 2020, we plan to build upon the foundation we have laid down in 2019. There are several plans on the table ranging from “awesome,” to “OMG is this even possible?” Jep, I cannot wait to see how this speartip will unfold!


Streamlining: We have finished all the IT-driven-pilots in 2019. We are  ‘feature complete.’ Everything that we wanted to automate has, in one form or another, been piloted and is running. This doesn’t mean that our IT team will be bored stiff, there is much improvement that we see and want to do, but it does mean that the orga as a whole isn’t needed for the speartip 'Streamlining' anymore. As one of the longest running speartips I can solidly say that there is no better time to put this one in its rightful spot above the fireplace. It deserves that spot of honor and as with all speartips above our fireplace, they will not be forgotten but are part of our DNA now.


Which means I get to introduce a new spear tip, but this time it is going to be different.


The new speartip will be called: “Buffer.” 

The goal underlying speartip “Buffer” is to make a safety net for our event.

What is a safety net?
A safety net is a metaphor for preemptively dealing with the fallout from mistakes or unwanted situations. If “Making mistakes is human, making amends makes us humane,” you can see safety nets as a way to ‘make amends before the amends need to be made.’ Safety nets are about preventing the need to make amends. If we create a safety net and something goes wrong, instead of falling on hard “concrete, we fall into this nice little net that will make it hurt a whole lot less. Safety nets are an important part of achieving our overarching ‘fail safely’ core value.

Whether or not you have noticed them or not, we have built a lot of safety nets. We create safety nets for people, processes and technology. Ideally, safety nets are invisible until needed, and there are several we hope we’ll never need. But it is better to have them and not need them when push comes to shove, which is why we do it. This means that the board  needs to have a future focus.

 The future (policy horizon)
We try to look about 3 years into the future and see what needs to be safety netted.

 This means we started to look at what we needed to do for 2020 all the way back in 2017. Back then 2020 looked pretty good. In 2017, it was smooth sailing up to and including 2020, so all was well.

 Unfortunately in 2018 the data shifted. In 2018 we started to believe that a financial crisis would hit Europe around 2021/2022. 

Now back in 2018, this was on the very edge of our policy horizon, so we weren’t too worried. Long term predictions have a lot of time to get black swanned, because the state of the world can change drastically in 3 years. (black swan = unpredictable events that impact your prediction severely). As the 2018 board we saw no need for immediate action, but agreed to monitor the situation carefully.

 Since then we have been gathering data. Some data has proven a lot better than expected (England didn’t leave the EU in March 2019). However some data has proven a lot worse than expected (“Trade war Trump” comes to mind, as well as the Brexit). Based on the current state of events, we believe it is prudent to start building a safety net for Frontier.

 What does this have to do with me?
Nothing much really. Safety nets are like clouds to pretty much everyone: Drifting past, without ever seeing or interacting with them in any way. Until you really need them, they are invisible and do not affect you in any way.

The speartip “Buffer” will be no different. For most, if not all of you, this speartip will be a cloud: Drifting past, without ever seeing or interacting with them in any way. If however we all fall into the safety net we will be glad that it is there.

Let's hope that we are wrong about needing the safety net, not so much for ourselves but for Europe in general. I would love to be proven wrong in this instance. But until we know what the future will bring, we will build ourselves a secure safety net. Just in case.

 Till Eos!


Chairman of the board of Eos Dynamic