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Appendix 6 - Unit designations


Dugo Unit Designations

Every Dugo military unit has a designation. The parts of this designation are as follows; Maykapal/Inabayan, Planet of Origin, Contingent, Unit type, number. The parts are separated by a dot (.). Further explanation of these parts and how to write them down is as follows;

  • The first part is a single letter indicating which army branch a unit is in; M(ayakapal), I(nabayan).
  • The second part is a three character abbreviation for the Planet of Origin.
  • The third part is a three character combination to indicate contingent;
    • LUP: Lupa
    • HIM: Himwid
    • TUB: Tubig
    • SON: Sonug
    • KAL: Kaluluwa
    • KAR: Karangalan
    • KP2: Karangalani Kawanihan Parsa Paggalang
  • The fourth part is a three character combination to indicate unit type;
    • ANI: Anim
    • LIM: Lima
    • APA: Apat
    • TAT: Tatlo
    • DAL: Dalawa
    • ISA: Isa
  • The fifth and final part is the contingent number, which can have any number of digits.

Whenever someone wants to write down a Dugo Unit Designation, this'll be the format to follow. This won't happen often during play, but will (mostly) be seen in IC documentation and the like. If you need to refer to an existing unit such as the 808 or the 716, please refer to the Player's Guide to see if their Dugo Unit Designation has already been written down, otherwise, as said, follow the above specifications.

For the Gubat Bantay this would be; M.MIN.KAR.ANI.808.
For the Nagar Cakar this would be; M.EOS.LUP.ANI.716.
For a hypothetical Lima that was founded on Eos to provide a command structure for several Anims it could be; I.EOS.KAL.LIM.42.