This setting has a thousand stories, a microcosm of actions where we all matter...

Tatak ha Dangal (“Tatak”)



Tataks are visual representations of the honourable standing of a person, to be understood at a intuitive level by anyone seeing it. It also gives someone the option to add a Tatakan to it, which indicates specific honourable actions.

What does this mean? Well, each Dugo has a document in their possession, named a Tatak. The Tatak is made in a certain style that fits the honour standing of the bearer, using unspoken rules, in the same way that current day Japanese business cards are made.

To acquire a Tatak, a Dugo goes to a Tatak maker and has an intimate and highly confidential conversation with this person. Honesty and integrity are essential in this process. The Tatak maker then crafts a Tatak for the Dugo, as befitting their standing.
Makers amongst themselves can discuss Tataks on a professional level, it helps them fine-tune the Tatak to the person.


Having a Tatak allows for Tatakan being added by other Dugo. These are indicators of specific honourable actions. For instance, when you save the life of an Asul, they may reward you with a Tatakan saying "This one has done my family great honour by saving the life of Pandac Catambay", or something like that.

The Tatakan are markers on your Tatak, and mark extraordinary feats. The Tatak is a description of the person you are as a Dugo.



While every Dugo IC has a Tatak, you as a player will never be required to have one, and you will never receive crap for not having one.
If you cannot present your Tatak in the game because you don't have one outside the game, you have every right to claim it’s somewhere else (your families Pamana for instance).